Royal Mail bans patriotic postal workers flying England flags during World Cup

The Royal Mail has banned patriotic postal workers from flying England flags during the World Cup on their delivery vehicles.

Staff branded the decision as «bonkers» but bosses at the company say flags and stickers could blow off and become «hazards» or obscure drivers’ vision.

The ban affects all 125,000 Royal Mail delivery staff, based at 1,400 delivery depots across the country. Royal Mail said 25,000 backroom staff not in the public view would be allowed to display flags.

A postman in south-west London said: «It’s bonkers, frankly. Many posties are football fans and want to show their support for England — but we’re not allowed to do so.» Another added: «Other vehicles use car flags without causing accidents, so why are we any different? Royal Mail drivers will be angered.»

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: «Flags should not be flown as Royal Mail has a duty of care both to all employees and to members of the public.

«It’s a company-wide policy across the business which covers flags and stickers and covers trollies, bikes, vans and lorries.

«No other flag or insignia should be carried next to the Royal Mail brand and insignias.

«Flags placed on vehicles can obscure the driver’s view. They can also pose a hazard to other road users if they are lost when the vehicle is moving.

«We want our colleagues to have every opportunity to follow the World Cup but we need to continue to provide services to customers.

«There will be flags on display in Royal Mail offices and there will be live radio commentary on PA systems during matches.»

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