North Korean media releases footage of Trump saluting Pyongyang general on Kim’s Singapore trip 

Footage has emerged of Donald Trump, the US president, saluting a North Korean general during his summit with Kim Jong-un in media released by Pyongyang on Thursday.

A 45-minute documentary detailing Kim’s trip was released by the hermit state, including lengthy clips of military members bidding him farewell and of the North Korean ruler strolling through Singapore the night before the summit.

The video included upbeat North Korean pop tunes and a dramatic voiceover outlining the events for his people.

The program also showed an awkward moment of Mr Trump reaching out to shake the hand of a North Korean military officer, who instead saluted the American president.

Mr Trump saluted the officer in return, and the two then shook hands.

A snapshot of the salute was also released by Pyongyang 

In another scene, he moved a chair with his foot instead of his hands.

Both elicited giggles from some of the more observant North Koreans watching the film.

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